rogue one, a star wars story, jyn erso, felicity jones"Star Trek" fans were a bit confused last fall when the first trailer for "Star Trek Beyond" dropped, and the clip presented a mishmash of comedic scenes soundtracked by the Beastie Boys tune "Sabotage." It's a great song, sure, but it didn't really seem to fit the tone of the flick (nor did all the comedy), and fans were a bit annoyed. But a new mashup trailer for a different sci-fi franchise featuring the track proves that there's a time and a place for "Sabotage," and if deployed correctly, the results can be pretty fantastic.

That was no doubt the intent of YouTuber Matthew Longua, who posted his own version of the "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" trailer (which cuts together scenes from both the first teaser and the most recent, full-length trailer) with the Beastie Boys tune subbed in for the classic "Star Wars" score. And it turns out that watching Felicity Jones's Jyn Erso run, fight, and fire weapons to the strains of the Beasties is indeed awesome.

What makes the song choice especially fitting is that the essence of "Sabotage" lines up so perfectly with the main plot of "Rogue One": The flick centers around a team of Rebels (led by Jyn) tasked with infiltrating Imperial forces in order to steal plans to the nascent Death Star. (Those plans are then later used successfully by Luke Skywalker and co. in "Episode IV: A New Hope.")

Well-played, internet. Our fingers are crossed that the tune somehow finds its way into the real "Rogue One." Perhaps over the end credits?

Photo credit: Disney