ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" - Season ThirteenEllen Pompeo may have watched multiple co-stars leave "Grey Anatomy" behind, but fans can rest assured that she isn't ready to walk away -- and she doesn't see the hit medical drama going anywhere, either.

Pompeo, who has played Meredith Grey since the series premiered in 2005, recently opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about her role in Season 13, the evolution of the show, and its future. Fans will be relieved to hear that not only does Pompeo want to remain on "Grey's Anatomy," she doesn't see it ending anytime soon.

"There's no talk of going away with numbers like this," she told THR of the show, which is currently ABC's top drama.

Pompeo added that she's still having fun, so she doesn't see any reason to follow former co-stars out the door. "I don't want to walk away from the golden goose," she said. "I want to put a leash around it and take it everywhere with me."

Still, it hasn't been easy saying goodbye to exiting colleagues over the years. "It's strange because when we've lost people from the show, you feel sad and you feel like, 'Is it going to be the same? Is it going to be more fun?'" she told THR. "But in a funny way, the evolution really helps us continue. And we're finding our way. The writers are doing a great job."

Season 13 has brought the usual intriguing drama. Meredith's love triangle, for example, is something we'll continue to see now that she realizes that she hooked up with her sister's crush. She's also still coping with Derek's death, though, and will be "inching" back into dating.

Meanwhile, fellow original character Alex (Justin Chambers) got himself into even more trouble. On his arrest, Pompeo shared that "he's going to get demoted at work."

Yep, there's definitely enough excitement to keep carry the show forward.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]