Kate Beckinsale is the gift that keeps on giving. She is much dirtier than you might think -- like Howard Stern in an insanely gorgeous posh British package. She was on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" last night, and they spent A LOT of time discussing her work as an "artist" -- arranging fruit into penis shapes, then documenting it for social media or just leaving it outside the door of a long-suffering co-star.

Meyers showed off a few instances of her work, claiming she sent the show 30 photos. She had some with the obvious bananas, but also more of her "range" with a zucchini and green beans, etc. She could seriously book an art show with this amount of material, especially since she had a whole series placed outside the hotel room door of her co-star, the "very, very nice" actor Jim Sturgess. Beckinsale didn't mention what they were shooting, but it was probably the 2014 movie "Stonehearst Asylum." Every day she would leave fruit arranged as penises outside of his door. "It was like love-bombing," she said. "I think it strayed into bullying, but I felt very positive about it."

She insisted she does not have an obsession with male genitalia, she just loves the fruit version. It's not always funny in real life, she said, but it's always funny as fruit. (Fair point.)

Watch to the end of the interview for her story of how she got her daughter in trouble in school over this. She was on the phone, just doodling a penis arrangement -- she said it's like her "Bat sign" -- but it turns out it was on her daughter's homework for the sixth-grade. Her daughter got called out on it, and who is really going to believe "No, it was my mom!"

She's the best:
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