Confirmed: 1) Conan O'Brien is the luckiest person alive. Also probably worth confirming: 3) Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are out there right now, steaming with jealousy.

Last night, Reynolds was on "Conan" and was basically Deadpool without the costume. In a little game he played with Conan, Andy Richter, and the Apollo Theater audience, he had everyone guess what he was really there to promote. So....

What was Ryan Reynolds really on "Conan" to promote?

• A new line of underwear made of thinly sliced ham?

• His new documentary about dolphins ... and how to stop them?

• His new parenting book: "10 Easy Steps to Lower Your Child's Self-Esteem"?

• Reynolds Wrap: "When You Need to Wrap, Wrap With Reynolds"?

• His sex tape with the cast of "Fox & Friends" called "Can You Guess Where My Thumb Is?"

• His album of children songs about Civil War wounds?

• Or a clip from his new film, "The Notebook 2," co-starring Conan?

As you may have guessed, it was the final answer, and for once, Conan allowed them to roll the clip. So here are Ryan and Conan making out for 20 full seconds in the rain in a beautiful clip from "The Notebook 2":

So tender. So honest. Take our money now.

Watch more of Ryan's "Conan" clips on the show's site. He's our treasure.

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