Why Him?Bryan Cranston meets his worst nightmare in the new red-band trailer for "Why Him?": James Franco.

Franco plays Laird, the tattooed, foul-mouthed boyfriend of Cranston's daughter. He's an internet zillionaire with "literally no filter." He calls them "the motherf---ing Flemings," eggs on Cranston's son in cursing, and destroys their home's holiday decorations with his helicopter.

"You are not the guy we want our daughter marrying," Cranston declares.

Laird has a different viewpoint, though. "By Christmas morning, you're going to be calling me son and I'm going to be calling you dad.""Why Him?" is directed by John Hamburg, who also helmed "I Love You Man." Like that movie, this one looks like it takes a pretty typical movie scenario and gives it a fresh feel. The cast, which includes Megan Mullally as the mom and Zoey Deutch as the daughter, is terrific. And Franco is perfected the art of playing insufferable d-bags.

"Why Him?" opens in theaters December 23.

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