AlliedBetrayal is never easy to face, especially when it's coming from your own spouse.

That's the dilemma Brad Pitt finds himself in the first of two clips from the World War II drama "Allied." He plays a Canadian intelligence officer who teams up with a French resistance fighter (Marion Cotillard) on a dangerous mission against the Nazis in North Africa. They eventually fall in love and get married, but in this clip, Pitt learns that he may be sleeping with the enemy when his commanding officer accuses Cotillard of being a Nazi spy.

And if she is, the officer orders Pitt, "You will execute her with your own hand, and if we discover that you are an accomplice in any way, you will be hanged for high treason, Wing Commander Vatan. Do you understand?"The next clip takes place earlier in the movie, when Pitt and Cotillard are preparing for their mission with some firearm testing:"Allied" opens in theaters November 23.

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