BeachesGet out a tissue -- no, the whole box -- because the trailer for Lifetime's "Beaches" remake is here, and it will bring out all the tears.

The remake of the 1988 movie stars Idina Menzel as CC (originally played by Bette Midler) and Nia Long as Hillary (originally Barbara Hershey), lifelong friends who first meet as kids on the boardwalk. "Beaches" follows the friends through their lives, as CC becomes a famous and successful singer and actress while Hillary has a daughter. And then, as fans of the original movie know, tragedy strikes when Hillary falls ill.The remake includes Menzel singing the Grammy-winning tune "Wind Beneath My Wings" and "The Glory of Love." Midler highly approves, since she tweeted in August, "Can't wait to see Idina Menzel as CC in Lifetime's "Beaches!" DON'T TELL ME THE ENDING!"

"Beaches" premieres January 21 on Lifetime.

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