Sick of Negan yet? Too bad. He's sticking around through "The Walking Dead" Season 7 into the 2017-2018 Season 8. And probably beyond.

The news isn't shocking to comic book readers, but the AMC show doesn't always stick to the page, and it's possible non-comic-followers were hoping our group would dispatch Negan at some point in Season 7's 16 episodes. Nope.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) was just on Howard Stern's show, and he was asked if The Powers That Be even told him how long he'd be around. "Well, I know that I'll be around for Season 8," he said. He also mentioned that they finished filming the whole of Season 7 the previous week, in late November. So Lucille any last hope that Negan dies in the Season 7 finale.

As viewers, we're still only up to Season 7, Episode 7, airing this Sunday, December 4, and then there's just the Episode 8 midseason finale on December 11 before the winter break. "The next two [episodes], I'm really big in," JDM told Stern. "I'm f*cking heavy in those."Negan wasn't featured in Episode 5, "Go Getters" (which focused on Hilltop) or Episode 6, "Swear" (which followed Tara and Heath). But apparently he'll have a big role in Episode 7, "Sing Me a Song" (which sounds like it's getting its title from a Negan/Carl moment in the comic), and Episode 8, "Hearts Still Beating." Then TWD will be on hiatus until February 2017. What JDM and the cast just finished last week we won't see until early spring.

Read or listen to more of his interview for his thoughts on spoilers and the weird fan mail he gets from women, plus his praise for his old "Grey's Anatomy" co-star Katherine Heigl.

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