There's no magic mirror to find out which fandom is the fairest of them all, but there is something better: a massive list.

Time Inc.'s website FanSided has released the full Fandom 250, what it calls "the ultimate ranking of fandoms." As the title indicates, there are 250 fandoms on the list, and they range from sports to films to brands and beyond. With the full list now unveiled, we got to see where some of our favorite movie and TV series fell.

Not surprisingly, "Game of Thrones" followed not far behind, securing fourth place. The rest of the top five was filled out by the Word Series-winning Chicago Cubs, who placed first; Beyonce at third; and the Dallas Cowboys at fifth.

A few more movie- and TV-related fandoms cracked the top 10, too. Netflix managed to score the No. 6 spot, "The Walking Dead" came in at seventh, and "Harry Potter"-slash-J.K. Rowling scored 10th place. So many fandoms, so little time.

[via: FanSided]