Even "Star Wars" movies are just movies, and not nearly as important as the life of a human being. But still, as fans process the much-too-early death of Carrie Fisher, questions remain on how the next saga films will address the loss of Princess/General Leia.

Sources have confirmed to multiple outlets that Fisher completed her work on director Rian Johnson's "Star Wars: Episode VIII," which will be released in December 2017. Start stocking up on tissues now, 'cause it is going to be an emotional roller coaster to see her on screen as Leia for the last time.

What about director Colin Trevorrow's "Episode IX"? That's where things get tricky. Without knowing what happens to Leia in "Episode VIII," we can't know what the plans were for her in the 2019 film. According to Entertainment Weekly, that film is still only in the script phase, with filming expected to begin a year from now; if Leia was expected to be included, the script is obviously going to have to change. Variety reports that Leia was originally slated to appear in "Episode IX," so it's possible a key part of the saga will now have to adjust for her absence.

Then again, Fisher's image was just used in "Rogue One," rendered younger in a digital recreation. Maybe they'll do something like that for Leia to complete the story in "Episode IX." Those questions will be answered in time. For now, Fisher's extended "Star Wars" family is still in mourning.

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