21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press RoomThe back-to-back deaths of actresses Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher give new meaning to an upcoming HBO documentary on the mother-daughter duo.

While the project, "Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds," was always intended to tell their story, it will now pay poignant tribute to their unique lives and bond. HBO Documentary Films President Sheila Nevins described the film as "a love story" in an interview with Variety after news of Reynolds's death broke Wednesday, just one day after Fisher herself died.

"Carrie wanted to make 'Bright Lights' for Debbie and Debbie wanted to make it for Carrie," she told the publication. "They just loved each other so much. The bond was just unbreakable."

The film was largely filmed roughly a year ago and centers on their relationship as they dealt with their personal ups and downs. "It's life with Carrie and Debbie," said Nevins. "It's about both of them trying to stand upright, both having their frailties -- age on the one hand and mental illness on the other."

"Bright Lights" was screened at the New York Film Festival in October and in Cannes in May, but an official HBO premiere date has not been set. Given the tragic turn, Nevins made it clear that premium network will be mindful in moving forward.

[via: Variety]