SCAD Presents 19th Annual Savannah Film Festival - Molly Shannon Spotlight Award Presentation"Power Rangers" may have gotten a reboot, but the OG rangers still live large in the hearts of fans, including the new cast.

Original pink ranger Amy Jo Johnson, who starred in the '90s Fox Kids series, brought the old and new together by surprising stars Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, and Dacre Montgomery at a recent press junket in Toronto. Pretending to be a Daily Hive reporter, she showed up to interview them, and their reaction was pretty priceless. Thanks to the video she shared, we get to see how it went down, plus watch the subsequent interview.

After the trio recovered from their shock, they traded notes with Johnson, covering a lot in a short time. The actors opened up about the impact of the film, the rangers' new powers, and more. Apparently, we can expect to see a lot of cool changes, but sadly not acrobatics like Johnson's.

Watch the surprise and interview below.

"Power Rangers" opens on March 24.

[via: Amy Johnson/YouTube; h/t: EW]