"Harry Potter" star Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) doesn't even need polyjuice potion to turn into Ed Sheeran. Fans already see the singer when they look at him.

Grint told "The Late Late Show" host James Corden it's now "50/50" when fans stop to talk to him -- half think he's himself, and the other half think he's Sheeran. Even singer-songwriter Leo Sayer ("You Make Me Feel Like Dancing") made the error. "He came up to me and said he loved my music, of course thinking I was Ed. I play along."

Come on, people, not all British gingers look the same!

The ginger lads do know each other. Grint, whose new show "Snatch" is debuting March 16 on Crackle, was in Sheeran's music video for "Lego House":Sir Patrick Stewart was also on "The Late Late Show" at the same time, and he said he gets mistaken for Sir Ben Kingsley. Mark Wahlberg has spoken out about this, too, saying he's often confused with fellow Boston boy Matt Damon. He, too, just plays along and helps promote Damon's movies, as if he's Damon. That does seem like the best way to handle it. Stewart said he and Kingsley try to explain they are different people, but that just confuses fans further.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

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