John BoyegaBefore he found fame with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," Brit John Boyega says he was stopped by airport security every time he flew to Los Angeles.

Talking to the London Evening Standard, the actor said, "I used to fly back and forth when I was hustling and auditioning for things in LA. I'd get cheap flights and stay there for two weeks or whatever. And every time I was getting these random checks. Every. Single. Time."

He says he can't remember which airline this was happening on, but that, "I called them out on it ... Like, 'This stuff ain't right.' They said it was a problem Stateside, they gave me a letter and it stopped. But before that it was consistent. I understand that [these things] are for our safety but when you fly a lot and it happens three or four times there's an element of, 'Okay, I'm still not a terrorist.'"

Boyega is currently in London appearing in the play "Woyzeck" at the Old Vic theatre, set in 1980s Berlin. The play runs from

of course he'll back as Finn in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," out this December.