Who would win in a fight, DC's Wonder Woman or Marvel's Thor, and what will it take to make that crossover really happen?

Gal Gadot was asked the fight question, and her response -- duh, Wonder Woman -- included a playful request for Chris Hemsworth to weigh in. The Marvel god dropped his hammer long enough to tweet his agreement. Gadot didn't leave it there, though, she wanted to make it official, by having the characters collide worlds to settle the fight.

Of course, we have only one response to that idea:

Here's how it played out, starting with Katie Couric tweeting out Gadot's video clip and tagging Hemsworth:

The Marvel team may want "Wonder Woman" co-star Chris Pine in on this fight, if it ever happens, after his little shot at their love for "War."

"Wonder Woman" just came out on Friday and it's setting a bunch of cool box office records. Hemsworth is already three solo movies into his role as Thor, and his new movie "Thor: Ragnarok" opens November 3.

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