"Mad Max: Fury Road" stars Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy weren't exactly besties on set, this is known, and their co-star Zoe Kravitz just confirmed that she witnessed the tension, adding some perspective to help fans understand the context.

Kravitz played one of the wives Theron's Imperator Furiosa aimed to save, with frenemy backup from Hardy's Max Rockatansky. Kravitz was on "Watch What Happens Live" to promote "Rough Night," and candidly answered a fan's question on the Theron/Hardy feud.

Caller: "Did you witness any beef between Charlize and Tom Hardy on the set of 'Mad Max'?"

Kravitz: "Huh. [after a brief pause] Yeah."

Andy Cohen: "It was reported that they didn't get along."

Kravitz: "They didn't get along. We were also in the desert for so long. I think everyone was tired and confused and homesick, and we saw nothing but sand for six months. It's just, you go crazy, you do."

Cohen: "What was the issue? What did it come down to?"

Kravitz: "I actually don't know if it was one issue. I just think they weren't vibing. [...] It was like summer camp, you know? At some point, everyone has like some kind of issue with somebody 'cause it's just the way people are."

On a semi-related and just plain interesting note, did you know that Zoe Kravitz's father Lenny Kravitz was once engaged to Nicole Kidman? Zoe and Nicole just worked together on HBO's "Big Little Lies" and Andy asked Zoe if that was weird on set. Spoiler alert: It wasn't. Because ... apparently they were vibing just fine.

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