2nd Annual Pride & Prejudice SummitWell, no one is going to miss Amber Heard on the set of "Aquaman," that's for sure.

From DC's villainous Poison Ivy to Marvel's heroic Medusa, comic books just love a fiery redhead, and Heard's Mera shares the same bold look. Mera and title star Jason Momoa are currently filming DC's "Aquaman," directed by James Wan, and you can see the trio in Heard's latest set photo:

We first got a look at that bright hair in photos shared back in May, after Amber Heard's first day on the "Aquaman" set.

Mera will debut in "Justice League" this November, and the first photo shared of her Queen of Atlantis seemed to show a less bright hair color ... or that could just be from director Zack Snyder's lighting:

The brighter red hair for "Aquaman" does look faithful to the DC comics character, which suggests good things for purists. Either way, she looks stunning, and we're excited to see more from her, Momoa, and the whole "Aquaman" crew.

"Justice League" opens November 17. "Aquaman" opens December 21, 2018.

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