Jason Bateman is not laughing in the first full-length trailer for his Netflix show, "Ozark."

The dark, gritty drama stars the actor as financial planner Marty, who uproots his wife (Laura Linney) and kids from Chicago and moves them to the Missouri Ozarks. He's on the run from a Mexican drug lord for whom he was laundering money, but the enterprise soured and his business partner wound up murdered. He has to juggle his deteriorating marriage, nosy FBI agents, and the wary and dangerous locals who don't trust city folk.

The trailer has a very "Breaking Bad" vibe, positing Marty as a regular guy who gets caught up in the criminal underworld. Bateman certainly does a 180 from his usual comedic roles. He serves as an executive producer on the show, and also directed four episodes.

All 10 episodes of "Ozark" begin streaming July 21 on Netflix.