This is not a trend worth supporting!

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 starts next Thursday, Sept. 28 with a two-hour premiere, but Episode 7 will mark the ABC show's 300th episode milestone. So they're giving us ... clowns? Hopefully there's a lot more ahead than that -- and hopefully it's less awful -- but TVLine shared the clown scoop as part of its Ask Ausiello spoiler Q&A:

Question: Scoop on Episode 300 of Grey's Anatomy? —@ThePompeoMethod via Twitter

Ausiello: With 'IT' breaking box office records, I'm hearing rumblings that the Krista Vernoff-penned outing may feature a frightening, possibly dangerous clown.

Guys. No. Please don't let Pennywise inspire more clowns in pop culture. Clown trends = nightmare trends.


Anyway, Episode 7 should air on Thursday, November 2, and it will reportedly be directed by Debbie Allen. "It will be big," Allen told TVLine of the 300th ep, without revealing any other details. But now we know it may include "a frightening, possibly dangerous clown."

UPDATE: Shonda Rhimes got fans talking with this update, said to be for the 300th episode, sharing a title will be familiar to "Hamilton" fans:

Is someone going to die?!

"Grey's Anatomy" starts with a two-hour premiere next Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC. Here are photos and the synopsis for the first two episode, which both air September 28, and here are photos and details on Episode 3.

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