Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2016 - Day 4The Fisher family's force is stronger than ever in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

Although the film is sadly the last in the saga starring Carrie Fisher, who died last December, the late actress got to share the experience with loved ones. Not only does she star alongside daughter Billie Lourd, who returns as Lieutenant Connix, "The Last Jedi" includes a shoutout to her dog, Gary Fisher. The French bulldog has appeared at numerous Star Wars conventions with Fisher over the years, gaining fans of his own. Now, Gary has graduated to actually inspiring a character.

Clair Henry, a self-described "committed Star Wars fan" and a contributor to the fan site Fantha Tracks, spotted a small alien resembling Gary in a photo released via Empire and quickly went to director Rian Johnson for answers. She tweeted a message asking if the "cute little creature" she saw was a space-version of Gary.

Johnson gave Henry a conclusive answer, telling her yes and praising her eagle eyes.

"YES! Wow, good eyes," he wrote.

Seriously. Star Wars fans mean business.

We'll see the alien version of Gary when "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" hits theaters Dec. 15.

[via: Fantha Tracks]

This article was corrected to clarify that Gary inspired the role.