Do Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder have Taylor Swift/Katy Perry-level bad blood?

Director Zack Snyder launched the DCEU with "Man of Steel" and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." Whedon took over directing "Justice League" after Snyder was reportedly fired last year. After the disappointment of the final product -- which still has Snyder's name on it -- DC fans have been pushing to see Snyder's director's cut of "Justice League."

Well, yesterday, Whedon said he was exiting the "Batgirl" movie he was supposed to write and direct for DC/Warner Bros. He supposedly just didn't have a story, but others suspect the flaws of "Justice League" (and some of his own personal issues) may have been to blame.

One DC fan responded to a Vulture report on Whedon's exit by saying it was basically good news for the DCEU that Whedon was out. Her Vero post shading Whedon (and the media) was liked by both Zack Snyder and DCEU photographer Clay Enos. Here are screen shots via Batman-News:

Clay Enos definitely seems to be Team Zack Snyder; Snyder directed "300," and Enos responded to another fan's joking support of Snyder as "The Tragic Hero" (with Whedon as "The Abominable Weapon"):

Twitter does need an edit button.

The DCEU keeps subtracting people -- from Snyder and Whedon to possibly Ben Affleck, depending on what's up with the Batman standalone. Reports just came out yesterday that James Wan's "Aquaman" is looking solid, but it's early days for that movie. And fans have been burned before. But here's hoping DC fans do end up having some good news to rally around and celebrate by the end of the year.

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