Your wait for "A Quiet Place" is almost over, but in the meantime, there's one more trailer.

Paramount Pictures gave us the film's final trailer Monday, ahead of the horror flick's debut on Thursday. The preview offers another look stars Emily Blunt and John Krasinski -- two actors who are married in real life -- as they play a couple trying to keep themselves and their children safe from terrifying and mysterious predators. The family is forced to keep quiet because the creatures hunt by sound.

"If they hear you, they hunt you," the trailer teases.

Given that threat, the trailer has very little dialogue. However, early on, we hear Blunt's character, Evelyn, get her husband, Lee (Krasinski), to promise to protect their kids. Beyond that, it's mostly just tense silence from the characters, even as they manage to ratchet up the suspense.

Watch below.

"A Quiet Place," which is directed by Krasinski, opens April 6.