Already tearing up from the photo and description alone...

By now, Pixar fans know that a new short film likes to debut before each new feature film. (Sometimes, in the case of "Frozen," it's not that short.)

When "Incredibles 2" opens in June, it will be preceded by a 7.5-minute short called "Bao."

Entertainment Weekly shared the first details and images from "Bao," which we're pretty sure fans are going to eat up:

According to EW, "Bao" follows a Chinese-Canadian woman with empty nest syndrome who gets a second shot at motherhood when one of her handmade dumplings comes alive. There's a double meaning to the title: "Bao" means steamed bun, or -- said in another way -- something precious, like a treasure.

That was the inspiration for Domee Shi, the storyboard artist who directed the short (and also the first female director of a Pixar short):

"Often times it felt like my mom would treat me like a precious little dumpling, wanting to make sure I was safe, that I didn't go out late, all that stuff. I just wanted to create this magical, modern-day fairy tale, kind of like a Chinese Gingerbread Man story."

Shi said the story has a universal appeal, and fans have already reached out saying they can relate:

"We got a ton of e-mails from people identifying with the mom character, or the dumpling character, saying, 'Wait, that's me,' or 'That's my parents,' or 'I'm dealing with this right now.'"

Fans are already excited to see "Bao" on screen:

"Incredibles 2" and "Bao" arrive in theaters June 15th.

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