Every week should include a double-dose of Pixar.

"Incredibles 2" arrives in theaters this June, and we're just a wee bit ecstatic about that. Disney-Pixar just shared the "official trailer" on Friday -- not to be confused with all of the other trailers and TV spots out there. It's focuseds on "Mom's new job" bringing "supers" back into the spotlight. That leaves Mr. Incredible on Mr. Mom duty.

Before "Incredibles 2" plays, fans will see the short film "Bao," which already looks and sounds adorable. Prepare to melt. And maybe get hungry. It's about a Chinese-Canadian woman feeling empty nest syndrome who gets a second chance at being a mom when one of her dumplings comes to life. "Bao" has a double meaning in Chinese -- a steamed bun, but also something treasured.

Here's the "Bao" clip first:

And here's the "Incredibles 2" trailer: Both the short film "Bao" and the feature film "Incredibles 2" arrive in theaters on Friday, June 15.

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