Seriously. "Jimmy Kimmel Live" fudged a George Clooney "Gravity" cameo (which was pretty funny) for this "First Man" interview with Ryan Gosling, but failed to tie-in the Matt Damon feud via one of Damon's astronaut movies? Houston, we have a problem.

As one fan suggested in the video comments:

"They missed a perfect opportunity to pass by Mars and see Matt Damon calling Jimmy to pick him up.?"

Classic. They could've picked either "The Martian" or "Interstellar" -- either would work, or just pretend he's been floating out there for years since no one missed him backstage.

Anyway, Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong in the upcoming movie "First Man," which debuted its trailer during Jimmy Kimmel's show on Friday night. To promote the movie, Kimmel and Gosling did "the first talk show interview in outer space," with Kimmel basically spending the whole time asking silly questions and irritating Gosling.

Watch the interview:And check out the trailer: "First Man" opens in theaters October 12th.

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