Venom, A Star Is Born

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Grab your popcorn, cinephiles, 'cause the drama this weekend should be epic. It'll happen on and off screen as "Venom" and "A Star Is Born" go head-to-head at the October 5 box office.

The social media embargo for Tom Hardy's "Venom" was just lifted, with critics posting their initial thoughts online. So far, not so good.

But not so fast! Because some of those tweet "reviews" are just Lady Gaga fans having a laugh to try and get her musical "A Star Is Born" to top the box office this coming weekend. "A Star Is Born" is already 95 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes at this point, so it doesn't really need any more help.

This is not to say that "Venom" is being overly maligned, since "real" critics have been harsh, and you may or may not like it yourself. But it's worth noting that there's a campaign in motion to push "Venom" down -- and then a backlash campaign to push "A Star Is Born" down.

This is what our society has come to. It is clear we can't just get along.

BuzzFeed did a good job of collecting some of the suspicious tweets:

BuzzFeed News reached out to one of the users with an anti-"Venom" tweet referenced above. This person admitted they faked an anti-"Venom" tweet out of boredom, and as "a joke between two of my mutuals. We steal each others tweets."

BuzzFeed added that Lady Gaga's fans have been known in the past two make fake accounts from stereotypical "Midwestern moms." Like this obvious joke:

Other Lady Gaga fan accounts have been jumping in with anti-"Venom" venom:

Of course, some "Venom" defenders are chiming in that they're looking forward to seeing the movie no matter what anyone else says:

That one is kind of a backhand compliment, but "Venom" should find its own audience. For one, "Venom" is rated PG-13 and "A Star Is Born" is actually rated R, which might restrict some of its audience.

We'll see how this rather unexpected box office battle plays out when the estimates come in on Sunday. Will you head out to see either film? Or both?

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