Milo Ventimiglia in This Is Us


Golden Globes nominations are great and all, but Milo Ventimiglia is okay with the fact that "This Is Us" didn't get any this year.

The actor, who plays Jack on the show, explained his philosophy to Variety while attending the premiere of his new film, "Second Act," in New York on Wednesday. Although some fans are up in arms by the show's perceived snub, Ventimiglia said that awards aren't everything.

"Being recognized by larger groups is great, but I don't hang my hat on it," he told the publication.

Ventimiglia explained that he uses other criteria beyond just how many nominations the show gets to measures its success. For example, he'd rather hear from fans that they like his work, he shared.

"What matters most to me is how happy my crew is filming, how satisfied our bosses are, and the conversations that continue to happen from the audience," he said. "That's what matters the most to me."

Still, there are fans who clearly aren't on the same page. There have been some very disappointed tweets since nominations were announced last week.

Although the show isn't going to get any Golden Globes this year, Ventimiglia is still clearly getting the recognition that matters most to him. And he need look no further than Twitter to find it.

[via: Variety]