Warner Bros.

All the villains are coming for "The Batman."

Matt Reeves, who is writing and directing the next Caped Crusader movie, is planning to have multiple villains bedevil Gotham City.

"You can't have Batman without a villain," Reeves told The Hollywood Reporter. "There will be a rogues gallery."

The director is moving ahead with casting those villains, though he wouldn't comment on their possible identities. Previous Batman films have brought in The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman, Ra's Al Ghul, and even Mr. Freeze.

When asked about Josh Gad's apparent Twitter campaign to play The Penguin, Reeves only said, "I love Josh Gad. We're good friends."

A lot of things are still up in the air on the project, including Ben Affleck's status as Batman. The movie still doesn't have a release date, though Reeves thinks it can be done by summer 2021. Even the title isn't set in stone.

"I'm working with it as 'The Batman' in my head and that's what we've always referred to it as," the director said.  "But these things have taken a life of their own. As we go deeper into it, it may become clear, 'Oh, actually this might be a great spin on the title.' But as of now it's 'The Batman.'"