John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda, and Alex Hassell split


The anime series "Cowboy Bebop" is getting a live-action version on Netflix, and four major characters have been cast. John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda, and Alex Hassell have all snagged parts, Netflix announced Thursday.

The series is based on the original Japanese version from Sunrise Inc., and is described as "the jazz-inspired, genre-bending story of a rag-tag crew of bounty hunters on the run from their pasts, as they hunt down the solar system’s most dangerous criminals." Thursday's casting news revealed that Cho, Shakir, and Pineda will play bounty hunters Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, and Faye Valentine, respectively, while Hassell will play hitman Vicious, Spike's ex-partner and now-nemesis. So far, another member of the bounty hunting-group, Radical Ed, remains to be cast.

The characters are all interesting ones. Spike is described as "an impossibly cool 'cowboy' (bounty hunter) with a deadly smile, a wry wit, and style to spare," and Jet is a betrayed former cop who became Captain of the Bebop. Meanwhile, Faye is "bold, brash and unpredictable," not to mention dealing with amnesia after having been cryogenically frozen. And then there's Vicious, the notorious hitman for the lethal crime organization the Syndicate.

There will be 10 episodes in the upcoming series, and director Alex Garcia Lopez is on board to helm the first two. Christopher Yost will write the first episode and executive produce. The original anime's director, Shinichiro Watanabe, serves as a consultant.

Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, Jeff Pinkner, and Scott Rosenberg of Midnight Radio serve as showrunners and executive producers. Fellow executive producers include Tomorrow Studios' Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements; Sunrise Inc.'s Yasuo Miyakawa, Masayuki Ozaki, and Shin Sasaki; and Tetsu Fujimura and Matthew Weinberg. The show is a Netflix and Tomorrow Studios co-production.