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The box office success of "Avengers: Endgame" continues, with the film on top for a third straight week. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have done their job, but they're still answering questions fans want the answers to.

The brothers recently spoke to Business Insider and were faced with an interesting hypothetical about whether or not there were any Fox characters they wish they could have used. "Endgame" was produced prior to Disney's acquisition of key Fox assets, including the rights to Marvel superhero properties such as X-Men and Deadpool. It turns out, though, the Russos feel good about the timing.

"We love all the Fox characters, but there were so many characters in this film," Joe said. "I don't know if we could have handled adding any more characters, especially characters that weren't developed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

That seems reasonable. There were already a lot of loose ends to tie up -- so many that the film's run time stretched to three hours. We can't imagine what a challenge it would have been for the Russos to add in even more.

Although Joe wasn't disappointed by the lack of Marvel superheroes from Fox in "Endgame," he added that he'd "love to [use them] in the future." His comment comes after the Anthony told GamesRadar in March that they "don't have any plans for now to make any more Marvel movies" but left the door open for future projects. They two directors are apparently on the same page when it comes to returning for more MCU fun.

For now, the Russos won't be working with any Marvel characters, from former Fox properties or otherwise. They'll next direct the dark drama "Cherry" starring the MCU's Tom Holland.

[via: Business Insider]

Avengers: Endgame

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