Terminator: Dark Fate teaser poster

Paramount Pictures

The official "Terminator: Dark Fate" poster is here, just in time to whet our appetites for the first teaser trailer.

Paramount Pictures dropped the poster on Wednesday, and it welcomes fans to "the day after Judgement Day." It features Linda Hamilton, reprising her role as Sarah Connor, with a barren landscape behind her and an arsenal of weapons on her body. It also highlights the return of producer James Cameron, who co-created the franchise and directed the first two Terminator movies.

Terminator: Dark Fate poster

Paramount Pictures

We'll presumably see Hamilton in action on Thursday. The teaser trailer's unveiling is set for May 23 at 6 a.m. PT. It'll be a look at the latest installment in the franchise, which reunites Hamilton with original "Terminator" co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger. They're joined by Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna, Natalia Reyes, and Diego Boneta.

The newcomers to the franchise seem to have respect for their forebearers. Luna tweeted out the poster on Wednesday and wrote, "Sarah f'n Connor."

"Terminator Dark Fate" is due out in theaters Nov. 1.