Farid Shawqi

Born in July 30th, 1920

From Cairo, Egypt

Farid Shawqi Biography

Farid Muhammad Shawqi Abdo was born in Sheikha al-Bagghala in Sayyida Zainab district .. He obtained a diploma of the Institute of Applied Engineering and a diploma in the Institute of Acting and worked in small roles with the artist (Anwar Wagdy), then he began writing cinematic stories for his films and achieved stardom and became known as the King of the Tarso, the monster of the screen, the King .

He wrote many film stories, and worked on stage in many of Rihani's plays, such as (Al-Daloua, The Story of Every Day), and he worked in Lebanese, Syrian and Turkish films, including (The Devil of the Bosphorus, Othman Al-Jabbar). And among the series he worked with, (Curmudgeon and Me, the only witness, Saber, Uncle Saber). He married artist Hoda Sultan and they separated in 1969, then he married Suheir Turk later on.

He founded the Union of Artists in 1986. He won the State Prize for the story (They Made Me a Criminals) in 1955 and the Production Prize at the Berlin Festival in 1956 for the film (The Fatwa). He won the State Prize for Production in 1962, the Medal of Flag in 1964, and was honored by the Cairo Festival in 1994. He deservedly deserved the title of King of Tiers or King of Cinema, as he is the star who always renewed himself and got rid of stereotypes.

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