James W. Horne

Born in December 14th, 1880

From San Francisco, California, USA

James W. Horne Biography

James Wesley Horne (December 14, 1880 – June 29, 1942) was an early American actor, screenwriter and film director. He began his career as an actor under director Sidney Olcott at Kalem Studios in 1913 and directed his first film for the company two years later. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

James W. Horne Filmography

Captain Midnight Poster
February 15, 1942
The Spider Returns Poster
May 9, 1941
Deadwood Dick Poster
July 19, 1940
All Over Town Poster
August 9, 1937
Way Out West Poster
April 16, 1937
The Bohemian Girl Poster
February 14, 1936