Peter Chen Ho

Born in July 1st, 1929

From Shanghai, China

Peter Chen Ho Biography

Born as Chen Shang-Ho in Shanghai, Chen was widely regarded as the "King of Comedy" in the Mandarin film circle. His screen debut was "Qiu Jin, the Revolutionary Heroine" and later became a household name with "Songs of the Peach Blossom River". Comedy and musical were Chen's specialities. His acclaimed works include "Les Belles", "Love Parade", "The Dancing Millionairies", "Hong Kong Nocturne" and "Hong Kong Rhapsody".

It was a sensation when Chen and fellow actress Betty Loh Ti were married in 1962, yet the relationship only lasted for five years. Chen died of bowel cancer in New York, on april 17, 1970. He was 40.

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Peter Chen Ho Filmography