• Polly  Bergen

    Polly Bergen

    Born on July 14th, 1930

    From Knoxville, Tennessee


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Awards & Nominations

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Outstanding Supporting Actress for a Miniseries or Special
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Special
The Caretakers Poster

The Caretakers

Dr. MacLeod (Robert Stack), an idealistic psychiatrist, has developed a new type of therapy for severely disturbed individuals at a mental institution. However, head nurse Lucretia Terry (Joan Crawford) resists these changes, feeling that the only effective ways of dealing with patients are force and punishment. Even though MacLeod is rebuffed by many of the hospital staff, his methods show promise on some patients, including the frenzied Lorna Medford (Polly Bergen).

Golden Globe (1964)
Best Performance By an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama