Reyad El Kasabgy

Born in September 13th, 1903

From Egypt

Reyad El Kasabgy Biography

Reyad El Kassabguy started his career as a train conductor then joined the railway theater troupe. Later he joined Ahmad al-Shaamy amateur troupe, but this was not enough to put bread on the table. He moved to the silver screen, changed from villain into comic roles especially with Esmaeel Yasseen when he played the role of Shaweesh(sergeant) Ateyya in Esmaeel Yasseen’s trade mark series of films and also in “Al-aanessa Hanafy i.

e. Miss Hanafy”. Reyaad managed to develop his own comedic style and running jokes, and was very popular and unique among Egyptian comedians.

Reyad El Kasabgy Filmography