Vasiliy Shukshin

Born in July 25th, 1929

From Srostki, Biysky District, the Siberian Territory, the RSFSR, the USSR

Vasiliy Shukshin Biography

Vasily Makarovich Shukshin (Russian: Василий Макарович Шукшин; 25 July 1929 – 2 October 1974) was a Soviet Russian writer, actor, screenwriter and film director from the Altay region who specialized in rural themes.

Vasiliy Shukshin Filmography

Hell's Bells Poster
June 6, 1988
Happy-Go-Lucky Poster
June 6, 1972
Strange People Poster
October 10, 1969
When the Trees Were Tall Poster
February 20, 1965
There Is Such a Lad Poster
June 6, 1964
The Two Fedors Poster
April 4, 1959
The Killers Poster
January 1, 1956