All's Well, Ends Well '97

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All's Well, Ends Well '97
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Old Mr. Lo has three sons and the youngest one Lo Kung is his favorite. However, Kung does nothing but fool around all day long. Old Mr. Lo is very annoyed about this. The relationship between father and son is thus affected. So on Kung's birthday, his two brothers decide to play a joke on him. They trick him into believing he has won the lottery. Kung is so happy that he spends a tremendous amount of money. When he realizes he is in huge debt, he pretends to go insane and the whole family believes him.

All's Well, Ends Well Collection

All's Well, Ends Well was a Lunar New Year film, where a film's release was timed to coincide with the larger movie audience at that time of year.

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Original Language:Chinese
Production Companies:Eastern Bright Motion Picture Ltd., Mandarin Films Ltd.
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chinese new year