Amazing Grace and Chuck Poster

Release Date: 1987

PG|1 hr 56 min

Plot Summary
Average American boy Chuck Murdock (Joshua Zuehlke) goes on a school outing to a nuclear weapons facility, where he learns about the destructive power that sits at the fingertips of the military. Knowing that the world could end with the push of a button, he protests against nuclear war by walking out on his Little League team during a game. Chuck's stunt ends up in the local paper, and as the story snowballs, basketball star "Amazing Grace" Smith (Alex English) decides to boycott sports, too.

Cast: Alex English, Joshua Zuehlke, Jamie Lee Curtis, Gregory Peck, William Petersen, Dennis Lipscomb, Lee Richardson

Director: Mike Newell

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Father, 1980s, Underdog, Pursuit, Quest, Inspiring, Small town, Sister, Heartwarming