• Assassins (1995)

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Release Date: October 6th, 1995

R |2 hr 12 min

Plot Summary

Assassin Robert Rath (Sylvester Stallone) arrives at a funeral to kill a prominent mobster, only to witness rival hired gun Miguel Bain (Antonio Banderas) complete the job for him -- with grisly results. Horrified by the murder of innocent bystanders, Rath decides to take one last job and then return to civilian life. But finding his way out of the world of contract killing grows ever more dangerous as Rath falls for his target, Electra (Julianne Moore), and becomes a marked man himself.

Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas, Julianne Moore, Anatoli Davydov, Muse Watson, Stephen Kahan, Kelly Rowan, Reed Diamond

Director: Richard Donner

Genres: Action

Production Co: Donner/Schuler-Donner, Silver Pictures, Evansgideon/Lazar, Warner Brothers

Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures

Keywords: Rivalry, Suspenseful, Hotel, Love interest, Forbidden love, 1990s, Quest

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