Bigfoot! (2020)

NR 1 hr 25 minJun 9th, 2020Comedy, Horror
Tired of horror comedies that forget the horror, the laughs, even both? Us too. Get ready for a true horror comedy - Bigfoot. Divided into three acts - the first two comedy, then horror in the final act - to balance laughs with shrieks. Bigfoot is the true horror comedy. PART ONE - COMEDY Sick of TV squatching shows? Bigfoots Are. And they know just how to even the score, through juvenile schoolyard pranks. Now the joke is on for us unwary humans. PART TWO - COMEDY Bigfoots have the problems humans have. They seek love and inner peace through therapy and psychic readings and experience intimacies, idiosyncrasies, impotencies, and fetishes. Oh the humanity. PART THREE - HORROR When unsuspecting campers wander into their territory, bigfoots attack. Now a crew of hunters and scientists, dispatched to capture or kill, join a stranger with a psychic and sensual link to the creatures. Whether defending their woods, or bent on revenge, dinner is served.
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DirectorMark Byrne