High-Ballin' Poster

Release Date: 1978

PG|1 hr 40 min

Plot Summary
The ruthless boss of a trucking company, King Carroll (Chris Wiggins) is intent on putting all local independent truckers out of commission, including amiable tough guy Duke (Jerry Reed). Joined by his good buddy, Rane (Peter Fonda), Duke defies King Carroll's attempts to shut him down, resulting in an increasingly tense conflict. The boys find an ally in female trucker Pickup (Helen Shaver), but can the threesome succeed in triumphing over Carroll's goons?

Cast: Peter Fonda, Jerry Reed, Helen Shaver, Chris Wiggins, David Ferry, Chris Longevin

Director: Peter Carter

Genres: Action

Keywords: Friendship, Engaging, Tense, Gritty, 1970s, Rivalry, Escape, Underdog, Friend