La Recta Provincia

La Recta Provincia

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Not Yet Rated 2 hr 40 minDrama

This was a man. He lived with his mother. He cared a manor house in the countryside of Chile. One day the man found a bone in the garden. The bone was bored. That was a bone flute. The man with the flute music play. And music song became. The voice of the song begging to seek the other bones of his scattered body. The man and his mother were in those ways of God and hell, looking for the bones that make up the skeleton of that Christian. And give him a Christian burial. And they saw what they saw, they lived what they lived. Many stories lived. And although they did not tell anyone, others told them.

Bélgica Castroas Rosalba
Ignacio Agüeroas Paulino
Ángel Parraas El Diablo Chihuin

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Original Language:Spanish
Production Companies:Suricato