Othello Poster

Release Date: 1965

DVD Release Date: August 14th, 2007

Not Yet Rated|2 hr 46 min

Plot Summary
When a secret marriage is planned between Othello (Laurence Olivier), a Moorish general, and Desdemona (Maggie Smith), the daughter of Senator Brabantio (Anthony Nicholls), her old suitor Roderigo (Robert Lang) takes it hard. Allying himself with Iago (Frank Finlay) who has his own grudge against Othello, the two conspire to bring the general down. When their first plan, to have him accused of witchcraft, fails, they plant evidence intended to make Othello think Desdemona is unfaithful.

Cast: Laurence Olivier, Frank Finlay, Maggie Smith, Robert Lang, Anthony Nicholls, Roy Holder, Derek Jacobi, Joyce Redman

Director: Stuart Burge

Genres: Drama