• Slim (1937)


Release Date: 1937

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 20 min

Plot Summary

Slim (Henry Fonda), a young man growing up on a Depression-era farm, becomes fascinated by the electrical workers raising high-tension wires nearby. After befriending lineman Red Blayd (Pat O'Brien), Slim gets to join the crew and learns the ropes about his dangerous but thrilling new job. Traveling from job to job around the country with Red, Slim falls for Red's sweetheart, the beautiful nurse Cally (Margaret Lindsay), who wants Slim to quit his treacherous job before it's too late.

Cast: Pat O'Brien, Henry Fonda, Margaret Lindsay, Stu Erwin, J. Farrell MacDonald, Dick Purcell, Joe Sawyer, Craig Reynolds

Director: Ray Enright

Genres: Comedy drama

Keywords: 1930s, Emotional, Love triangle, Transformation, Melodramatic