Soulmate (2023)

Movie"At our brightest moment, we were together"
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Mi-so, a 12 years old girl who transferred from Seoul to Jeju island, meets Ha-eun. They promise never to seperate. At the age of 18, Ha-eun's boyfriend, Jin-woo breaks two girls's friendship. Few years later, they come apart as their lives go seperate ways. Now they are 27, and they finally meet again. They've missed each other. After 15 years, will they truly understand each other?

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:March 24th, 2023
Movie Box Office Gross:$2,471,778 (Worldwide)
Original Language:Korean
Executive Producers:Byun Seung-min, Kwon Oh-hyun
Production Companies:Studio & New, Climax Studios, ANDMARQ Studio, KEYEAST