• The Echo of Thunder (1998) Cast & Crew

Full Cast & Crew

  • Michael  Caton
    Michael Caton as Bill Gadrey
  • Emily  Browning
    Emily Browning as Opal Ritchie
  • Chelsea  Yates
    Chelsea Yates as Pearl Ritchie
  • Ben  Hanson
    Ben Hanson as Jasper Ritchie
  • Jamie  Croft
    Jamie Croft as Gowd Gadrey
  • James  Wright
    James Wright as Mr. Calloway
  • Reg  Evans
    Reg Evans as Garage Attendant
  • Jim  Russell
    Jim Russell as Truckie
  • Frank  Magree
    Frank Magree as Driver
  • Linda  Ross
    Linda Ross as Bank Woman
  • James  Hanson
    James Hanson as Jasper Ritchie