• The Laughing Policeman (1973)

The Laughing Policeman

Release Date: 1973

DVD Release Date: February 1st, 2005

R |1 hr 51 min

Plot Summary

When a gunman opens fire on a crowded city bus in San Francisco, Detective Dave Evans (Anthony Costello) is killed, along with the man he'd been following in relation to a murder. Evans' partner, Sgt. Jake Martin (Walter Matthau), becomes obsessed with solving the case -- but all the witnesses are dead. Martin enlists a new partner, Leo Larsen (Bruce Dern), to help with the frustrating case, and when the pair is told to drop the investigation, they disobey the orders and close in on the killer.

Cast: Walter Matthau, Bruce Dern, Louis Gossett Jr., Albert Paulsen, Anthony Zerbe, Anthony Costello, Cathy Lee Crosby, Shirley Ballard

Director: Stuart Rosenberg

Genres: Crime drama

Keywords: Murder, Police station, Police officer, Pursuit, Tense, Investigation, Mystery, Dark, 1970s