The Rape of Recy Taylor

Movie"She spoke up"
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NR 1 hr 31 minDocumentary
Recy Taylor a 24yearold black mother and sharecropper was gang raped by six white boys in 1944 Alabama Common in Jim Crow South few women spoke up in fear for their lives Not Recy Taylor who bravely identified her rapists The NAACP sent its chief rape investigator Rosa Parks who rallied support and triggered an unprecedented outcry for justice The film exposes a legacy of physical abuse of black women and reveals Rosa Parks intimate role in Recy Taylors story
DirectorNancy Buirski
WriterNancy Buirski

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Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Jack Turner, Geralyn White Dreyfous, Regina K. Scully, Barbara Dobkin, Bobby Kondrat, Amy Tiemann, Mark Trustin
Production Companies:Augusta Films Transform Films Artemis Rising Matador Films