The Secret Life of an American Wife Poster

Release Date: 1968

R|1 hr 32 min

Plot Summary
Feeling restless after years of marriage and concerned that she's no longer attractive, housewife Victoria Layton (Anne Jackson) embarks on a quest to reaffirm her sex appeal. Victoria's husband, Tom (Patrick O'Neal), is a talent agent who represents a famous movie star (Walter Matthau) known for his womanizing ways, so she decides to take on the guise of a call girl to see if she can seduce the celebrity. Will she go through with bedding the actor, or will she remain faithful to her spouse?

Cast: Walter Matthau, Anne Jackson, Patrick O'Neal, Edy Williams, Richard Bull, Paul Napier, Christian Brando, Albert Carrier

Director: George Axelrod

Genres: Comedy

Keywords: Husband, Marriage, Wife, Forbidden love, Lighthearted, Amusing, Hotel, 1960s, New York City, Deception


Nominated Actor
British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1969)